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70 Terms of Endearment from Around the World (for Those You Love)

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❶In Spanish, you can make the same change to practically any noun by adding — ito for masculine nouns or -ita for feminine nouns to the end.

Why Do Americans Use Terms of Endearment?

Russian pet names conclusion
Affectionate Russian Phrases: Tender words in Russian
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Have fun learning Russian!

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Russian romance traditionally involves love with a variety of other emotions, from sadness to joy, making it a richly emotional aspect of the culture. The Russians tend to be a deeply passionate people, and revel in outcries that might embarrass Westerners.

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Interestingly, various spectrums of nouns that do not necessary have the same meaning in their original use, are used as terms of endearment in Russian. Here are a few examples: солнце (the Sun), заяц (hare), котёнок (kitten). More so, diminutive forms of Russian .

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There are also some tender words in Russian for family members, friends or colleagues. For example, you can say “ dorogoi moy ” or “ dorogaya moya ” to a man or a woman with whom you’re on good terms. Oct 26,  · I am not a strong reader of Russian alphabet yet, so any guidance on how to actually pronounce these terms of endearment in Russian is extremely helpful. And as some additional info, I will be using those while communicating with Russian Resolved.

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Query the Livemind: Russian Term of Endearment. Posted by Mindy on July 8, in group query, uncategorized | 8 comments. For a short story, I need a Russian term of endearment. The term is said by one female character to another female character. List of Russian terms of endearment Russian pet names for your girlfriend Малы́шка – malishka. This word means baby girl and is a common used nickname that Russian guys call their girlfriends or wives. You can use this for basically any type of girl. Солнышко – solnishko. This word means little sun.