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Hate Speech Essay

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It is an incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and the like.

After reading such a definition, it is not a surprise one may feel such speech should be punishable by law, especially if he or she has experienced this type of treatment at one time or another in his or her life.

However, as court cases in the United States have shown, it is rather difficult to prosecute someone on just their speech alone, even though it may affect the individual in some way. This is due to the universal idea that actions speak louder than words Gerber, Cowan.

Freedom of Speech v. On the one hand, people are fighting to support their first amendment rights; while on the other, some individuals are fighting to enforce restrictions on speech.

By enforcing such restrictions, they have confidence that it will limit the effects hate speech has on its targets and will push for more equality, furthering support for fourteenth amendment rights Gerber; historynetwork. Nonetheless, while each fights for the cause they value most, under law one takes more precedence over the other.

Moreover, the ability to have free speech is an ability to produce more equality Cowan. Therefore, under the first amendment, hate speech is considered a protected form of speech, regardless of how it affects the individual or group being targeted. Therefore, it is no surprise that those who oppose hate speech would support this amendment more than the first amendment. Those who push for improving equality do so due to the protection the first amendment provides to hate speech and the effects it has on it victims.

After seeing the two amendments side by side, I can see why those who have been and are still being targeted would chose to enforce their fourteenth amendment right over their first. Moreover, while the first amendment does protect hate speech, it does not make it a faulty amendment that needs altering but rather it is society that needs to be altered. They have pushed for legislations to be passed and have tried to implement speech code, especially on college campuses Gerber, Juhan, Smith.

Today, individuals and nongovernmental organizations are even trying to battle hate speech that has taken advantage of the vast space the internet provides Henry. Now, while these efforts have been and are still being pushed for with good intentions, they have not been able to stand up to the strengths of the first amendment and also have negative implications on it.

Thus, in this section, a brief account of some efforts to censor hate speech will be presented. Prior to , it appears that the American culture was willing to make some adjustments. During this period, targeted groups were pushing for equality by altering how society viewed them through the media.

However, due to efforts in the South to work against integration, some their efforts were hindered and hate was perpetuated. For the South began to use censorship as weapon to suppress. Then, in , due free speech activist fighting to protect the rights of those who produced films in this era, the U. Supreme court ruled that restricting a film due to its content violated the first amendment historynetwork.

Essay UK - http: People who defend hate speech think that the society should know how to deal with the opinions of others but they forget that people who are discriminated against can be excluded from society because of hate speech. People should learn to listen to criticism, which can be constructive, not insults, which are malicious. Criticize a person can be a good thing, giving opinions to improve the person and it something that should be done, with respect, by everyone. Insult is a verbal violence which aims to humiliate and belittle others.

People became isolated, can get sick and sometimes may commit suicide when they are victims of hate speech because it can change their behavior. According to a research conducted by some professors in the Syracuse University, correlation between hate speech and suicide rates remains constant. However when parents teach their children to discriminate against other people, hate speech will spread around the world; children should not be raised to discriminate others.

Children should learn from birth that discrimination of other people is wrong regardless the religion, for example, and that everyone is equal because children are the future of society. This idea about ridding children of hate speech should be a global consensus. Children should play with other children of another religion, race, colour, ethnic, origin or sexual orientation, for example.

It is important because the children should learn with different people and new cultures to see that hate speech is not necessary because all of them are equal.

Some people think that anyone who does not belong to predetermined standards by society should be eliminated from society. This kind of thinking can be considered the most advanced stage of hate speech and it can reach dangerous proportions. Genocide is an extreme action caused by hate speech and it is one of only a few kinds of attitudes that is identified as a crime under international law, similar to other cruel crimes.

People must learn to accept, to adapt and to live together with different people. The world would be boring if everyone was the same in everything. Each person has a role in society and nobody is more important than others. A person has the right to be like the person is and he or she should not change to please others. Everyone has to realize how dangerous hate speech can be and the consequences that it can generate. The violence can also be caused by words, not only by physical violence and an example for it is the killing of the people who promoted abortion in the USA.

Hate speech develops separation and bigotry; it also damages people who are discriminated. Therefore, people who practice hate speech should be punished by law.

Hate speech is not only hurtful but it can kills discriminated against people in its most advanced stage. Think of hate speech as a disease with a cure. The cure is education and awareness together with personal empathy for others.

Every people who practices hate speech and offends others should be punished by law with imprisonment, fine or volunteer work, depending on the case. Arthur Joyce, Peter Tatchell.

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Hate speech is a form of communication that discriminates against one person or one group. “Hate speech is a term for speech intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against someone based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

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Hate speech is defined as the contemporary means by which the majority subjugates minorities ( Hate speech is a topic of issue for many people and right's activist groups also. There are those who oppose hate speech, while others defend it, since hate speech is protected by the first amendment. Hate speech is an individual's expression towards something that the person opposes. Hate speech can also be used as a tool for protest. A speech code is a set of rules protecting people from harassment or discrimination. Speech codes have been written on some college campuses to protect minorities /5(11).