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How to Make a Paper Mache Volcano

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❶The second, mafic, has just the opposite, a low silica content and a darker color. A classic craft for kids, this paper mache volcano is an excellent science experiment too!

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What type of eruptions does it produce? What are the crater dimensions of your volcano? What are some of the effects of past eruptions on the landscape, people, and the planet, in general? What tales and legends are associated with this volcano? What does the future holds for this volcano?

What do experts predict? What could scientists do to predict and prepare for future disasters? Can We Predict Eruptions? Some Helpful Research Sources: Click on the name of your volcano to find more information. Helpful 3D Model Websites: Sanders Parent Corner Classroom Procedures. Independent Quarterly Reading Project.

Reading Book Fair Project. Aeries Parent Portal Instructions. Photo Gallery of Student Projects click here. Volcano Travel Brochure You work for a travel agency which specializes in travel to famous volcanoes.

Use these references to start your research: Michigan Tech Volcanoes Page. Useful Links and Videos: Take a look at the "Judging Hazards" section of this site to see what happens when a volcano erupts Some Helpful Research Sources: Volcano Multimedia Presentation Rubric. Guiding Questions Each question should be addressed within your report, and answered in your Powerpoint presentation.

The word volcano comes from an island off of the coast of Sicily called Vulcano. The people of Sicily thought that the clouds of dust and spurts of lava were made from Vulcan, the blacksmith for the Roman Gods.

They believed that Vulcan forged thunderbolts for Zeus and weapons for Mars on that island. Out of the of the world's active volcanoes, the world's largest active volcano is Mauna Loa, it is one of the Hawaiian islands. The island protrudes around 13, feet above sea level; while the whole island was formed by an underwater volcano, this brings it 28, feet above the ocean floor where it started.

From the base underwater to the summit above water, this volcano stands higher than Mount Everest. There are two main types of volcanoes out there in the world today, the first is felsic, and the second is mafic. Felsic volcanoes have a high silica content and a light color to the lava.

The second, mafic, has just the opposite, a low silica content and a darker color. Then there are underwater volcanoes and above ground volcanoes. The underwater volcanoes are less known about than above ground for the obvious reason that they are seen when they are above ground.

Underwater volcanoes produce some things called black smokers, they are basically just ash as well as black smoke that combine and heat up water to boiling temperatures. An interesting fact about underwater volcanoes is that some islands have been formed by lava eruptions building up year after year. An island chain that is very well known that has been formed by this process is the chain of the Hawaiian Island chain.

This chain also includes the world's largest volcano, Mauna Lao, which, when you count the amount underwater and the amount above water is taller than Mount Everest. Some volcanoes have been found in our solar system that are not on the planet Earth. One volcano, which is the largest one in our solar system, is Mount Olympus Mons on the planet Mars. This is the only volcano found on the planet mars. There are also numerous volcanoes found on Io, a moon of the planet Jupiter. These volcanoes also show that some plate tectonics on Io, even though no plate tectonics is believed to have occurred on Mars.

Volcanoes form when magma, melted rock underground it is called lava when it reaches the surface most of it forms around 50 to miles underground , when the magma mixes with gas and rises, pressure builds against the surface, the magma breaks through and you get a volcano. Shield volcanoes form when a lot of lava spills out of a vent and goes in a broad, flatter area. Another type of different volcano is a cinder cone.

Cinder cones are made when tephra, thick globs of magma, erupts from a vent in the ground and comes back down then accumulates. It started to form in in the middle of a farmer's corn field, then it started to stop in When it was finished, the cinder cone was 1, feet higher than the base. Then there are composite volcanoes which form when tephra and lava erupt from the same vent. One example of this is Pompeii and Japan's Mount Fuji.

When all of the magma is drained out of the chambers of the volcanoes, called magma chambers, sometimes the volcano can't support itself and collapses, this leaves a crater called a caldera. So, I hope that you have learned about some specific volcanoes as well as the properties that go along with them even if they are bad.

I also hope that you found out that volcanoes aren't all that bad. Essays, term papers, research papers related: Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints.

Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects.

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Research Paper on Volcanoes July 1, writer Research Papers 0 Volcanoes are a geologic formation (tectonic phenomenon), when lava, ash, hot gases, water vapor and fragments of rocks are emitted through the canals and fissures in the earth’s crust.

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Research Papers words (11 pages) Volcanoes Essay - Volcanoes This paper will define and discuss the volcano to include: types of volcanoes, formation of a volcano, and elements of a volcano; such as, lava, rock fragments, and gas.

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Volcano Research Project essays Would you want to live within ten miles from a volcano? Not knowing when it's going to erupt. I just called in the radio station and I . Stratovolcanoes Research Papers go into the characteristics of this type of volcano. Earth Sciences - Explain how the patterns of volcanoes and earthquakes related to plate tectonics. Mount Shasta Research Papers discuss the .

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Volcano Research Project must do a research paper about a historical volcano. The deadline for turning in the signed volcano project rubric was 10/8/ Volcano Research Project Volcanoes come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of activity. They are not always big, cone-shaped mountains spewing out .