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Deciding the order of authors on a paper

Why does author order matter?

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order of author names in research paper

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Courses What causes cancer - "bad luck" or extrinsic factors? Deciding the order of authors on a paper. Shazia Khanam Oct 16, , views. Save to read later. Republish on your website. What corresponding authors are expected to do after journal submission 5 Pre-submission tips for corresponding authors Can the corresponding authors and order of authors be changed in the revised paper?

Can I write to the editor if I'm the first author but not the corresponding author? Corresponding author assigns co-authors without their knowledge: A case study How to submit a paper with two corresponding authors if the online submission system doesn't allow this? Republish Like this article? Knowledge should be open to all. The following are some notable implications regarding author order.

This author is the first name readers will see, and because of various citation rules, the first author may be the only name visible. Traditionally, the last author position is reserved for the supervisor or principal investigator. As such, this person receives much of the credit when the research goes well and the flak when things go wrong. The last author may also be the corresponding author, the person who is the primary contact for journal editors.

To address this issue, some journals, particularly medical ones, insist on detailed author contribution notes. Nevertheless, even this tactic does little to counter how strongly citation rules have enhanced the attention first-named authors receive. Common methods for listing authors The following are some common methods for establishing author order lists. As mentioned above, the most common way authors are listed is by relative contribution.

The author who most substantially worked on the draft article and the underlying research becomes the first author. The others are ranked in descending order of contribution. However, in many disciplines, such as the life sciences, the last author in a group is the principle investigator—the person who supervised the work.

Certain fields, particularly those involving large group projects, employ other methods. For example, high-energy particle physics teams list authors alphabetically. Similar to recognizing several first authors, multiple last authors can be recognized via typographical symbols and footnotes. This practice arose as some journals wanted to increase accountability by requiring senior lab members to review all data and interpretations produced in their labs.

The list can be decided by negotiation, so sharpen those persuasive argument skills! For additional information regarding other author issues, see the following articles: Credit and Intellectual Property in Science. Preparing a Medical Research Abstract for Publication.

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The growing list of collaborative research projects raises important questions regarding the author order for research manuscripts and the impact an author list has on readers’ perceptions. With a handful of authors, a group might be inclined to create an author name list based on the amount of work contributed.

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Yes, I agree it shall be based on the amount of contribution. But in practice, it is often not followed. There are quite a few dummy authors. Adding the name of well known and powerful person as one of the authors, helps in getting paper accepted for publication.

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Jan 16,  · However, authors often adopt different methods of crediting contributions for the following authors, because of very different traditions across countries and research fields, resulting in very different criteria that committees adopt to quantify author's contributions [8,9]. For example, some authors use alphabetical sequence, . The importance of the first author is reflected in the common practice of referring to a paper by the first author’s name e.g. ‘Jones et al. report that ’ Publishing a paper as the first author is very crucial for the scientific career of a Ph.D. student.

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dissertation success Order Of Author Names In Research Paper music therapy essay proposal of research. In particular types of research, including particle physics, genome sequencing and clinical trials, a paper's author list can run into the hundreds. In , the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) adopted a (at that time) highly unorthodox policy for assigning authorship.