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❶Thus the fact of human personal nature is the most powerful evidence for the real existence of the personal God revealed in the pages of the Bible.

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Is the Creator dumb? Does not puny, ignorant, limited man need to receive the wisdom and knowledge of god? The only reasonable response to these questions is to affirm that the Creator must have something to say to man and that He must have spoken--sometime, somewhere. Our third question is, Is it reasonable to believe that the Bible is, indeed, the Word of God to man? This may be rephrased as follows: Is it reasonable to believe that God has spoken to man by means of prophecies and revelations written down by chosen men and collected in a book?

Let us respond to this complaint by means of an imaginary dialogue between this author A and an unbeliever U with the above complaint. Then you are able to make a dumb pencil put your thoughts, your words on paper?

Is not the God who created the prophets and apostles even more able to use them as His divinely appointed and controlled writers to put His truth for man in words collected in a book? After all, He not only created the prophets, but He also arranged their family history and their life experiences so that they were prepared to be living pens, through whom the divine revelation flowed.

Thus the Bible is at once a divine and a human book, yet infallibly preserved from error, for God is absolutely sovereign in the control of all His creatures. Thus, to summarize our discussion, the facts of science and good logic powerfully support the biblical revelation of the infinite-personal Spirit, god the Creator, who created man in His own personal image. Furthermore, it is reasonable to believe that this personal Creator-God has something to say to Adam's race, and that He has spoken.

And, finally, it is reasonable to believe that the Word of God to man is permanently written down in a book, and that this book is the Bible. This is because the Bible is the only great ancient book of religion which claims to be the Word of God and which reveals a God and man in relation that God in a manner that agrees with the scientific facts of the world in which we live.

The Bible goes even farther, revealing the spiritual history of the human race to show why men and women and boys and girls are so far from being faithful image bearers of God who is holy. Everywhere that we observe humans, including our own selves, we see failure and sin. This sinful condition of man is universal, and a universal symptom points to some universal malady and cause. If we visited a strange city and observed that every citizen bore pock marks on his or her face, we would be justified in concluding that the entire population was subject to a universal disease.

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In fact, the Continue Reading words 6 pages. Continue Reading words 2 pages. Continue Reading words 3 pages. Did you find an essay you need? Save your time and order an essay about creation. Continue Reading words 5 pages. Continue Reading words 4 pages. Continue Reading words 6 pages.

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Essay on Religion, Creation Stories, and Creation Myths Words | 22 Pages Religion, Creation Stories, and Creation Myths One of the fundamental questions that .

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The story of creation is a look into the reasoning and the way in which God created the earth and everything upon it. While reading the early parts of the book of Genesis, each step that was taken by God in creating the earth is explained. The story of creation answers some of the questions that 3/5(4).

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Free Essay: Creation The Creation Stories Did the creation of the earth and life begin by itself? Or did God create them? In the beginning, civilization. "Creation," as I shall use the word in these essays, refers both to the process and product of creation: we apply it both to the creation of the universe and to the universe as a creation. And I must make an important clarification from the start.

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Write my essay request can be satisfied by our Essay-Creation writing service with huge staff of professional writers! We will help you with any writing task! An essay or paper on God's Creations. The enviornment, Mother Nature, ecosystem, or even the earth, these are all good names for the place we live but no matter what we call it, it will always be God"s creation. God the Father is perfect, Jesus is perfect, the Holy Spirit is also perfect, together they make up one perfect God. If all.