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25 College Application Essay Mistakes that Guarantee Failure

What Makes Bad College Essays Bad

❶Not providing your Social Security Number on your application If you fail to provide your social security number, colleges will not be able to download your FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid and will not be able to provide you with a need-based aid package, including any government grants or loans.

2. Not answering optional application questions

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Writing a successful admissions essay for an Ivy League college is actually much simpler. The secret is that any topic can be a winner but it all depends on your approach. It may not be pretty writing but it has to be clear. So how do you do this?

You need to see what a successful end product looks like. While there is no single way to produce a winning essay, as you will read, there are some traits that successful essays share. Then you can write a successful essay that is based on your own unique experiences, world view, way of thinking, and personal style.

Why are admissions essays so important to getting into Ivy League colleges? At their most basic level, essays help admissions offcers to understand who you are. While grades, test scores, and academic performance can give the admissions offcers an estimate on how prepared you are to handle the academic rigors of college, the essay offers the only way they can judge how your background, talents, experience, and personal strengths come together to make you the best candidate for their school.

For you, the applicant, the admissions essays offer the best opportunity to share who you are beyond the dry stats of your academic record. You start with a blank sheet of paper and through careful selection, analysis, and writing, you create a picture of yourself that impresses the admissions offcers and makes them want to have you attend their school. Ultimately, this book is designed to help you create a successful essay that gets you accepted. It will guide you toward writing that essay by sharing with you the successes of others who have written to gain admission to Ivy League colleges as well as other highly selective schools such as MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Duke, and the University of Chicago.

Although we would love to be able to tell you, unfortunately, no such formula exists. We thought it would be useful to start off with a few common mistakes that other students have made. In fact, some of these mistakes are so bad that they will almost guarantee that your essay will fail. Avoid these at all costs! Trying to be someone else.

This may sound very obvious, and well, it is. A lot of students think that they need to be who the admissions offcers want them to be; but, in reality, the admissions offcers want you to be you. Instead, they want to learn about the true you.

Present yourself in an honest way, and you will fnd it much easier to write an essay about your genuine thoughts and feelings. Many students think that colleges seek students who have performed a lot of community service, and it is true that colleges value contributions to your community. The same holds true for any other topic. Not thinking before writing. You should spend as much time thinking about what you will write as actually putting words on paper. It can help to talk yourself through your essay aloud or discuss your thoughts with a parent, teacher, or friend.

The other person may see an angle or a faw that you do not. Not answering the question. While this seems simple enough, many students simply do not heed this. The advice is especially pertinent for those who recycle essays. We highly recommend recycling because it saves you time to write one essay that you use for many colleges, but the caveat is that you need to edit the essay so that it answers the question being asked.

Not sharing something about yourself. In these cases, they may write so much about why they admire the person or the plot of the book that they forget to show the connection to themselves. Always ask yourself if you are letting the admissions offcers know something about yourself through your essay. Forgetting who your readers are.

The essay should be comfortable but not too informal. Tackling too much of your life. Because the essay offers a few hundred words to write about an aspect of your life, some students think that they need to cram in as many aspects of their life as possible. This is not the approach we recommend. Instead of trying to share your whole life, share what we call a slice of your life. Hi Alison, great blog shared above. Really very useful information shared regarding writing a college admission essay.

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University of Missouri — Columbia. How Important Are They? What you do outside of the formal classroom—your extracurricular activities—is one of the most important things that separates merely qualified applicants from desirable ones.

Also, provide an explanation of any obscure activities. Answer each essay prompt individually! You can score low marks on the demonstrated interest test if it is obvious to the reader that you have repurposed an essay for another school to kinda, sorta fit their prompt. Readers tend to be familiar with the prompts from peer institutions, so they could notice and be unimpressed with your efforts. The words that flow naturally out of you will give your essays an authentic voice. Poor grammar and punctuation: If you were born and bred in an English-speaking environment, readers will expect you to have a strong command of proper grammar and punctuation.

If English is your second language, try to have a native speaker review your application for glaring errors in grammar, word choice, and punctuation. No one will expect your prose to be perfect, but go the extra mile and have someone review your grammar. Your word processing programs can fail you!

Have another pair of eyes review your application. Admissions officers are only human, after all. To learn more about Mari and her experience at MIT, click here to read her biography and watch her introductory video!

By Mari , IvyWise Master Admissions Counselor Just as there is no one path to getting admitted to a particular school, there is no one reason that applicants get rejected. As a former admissions officer at MIT , here are some common mistakes I saw frequently that can be easily avoided: Five Colleges to Take a Stand!

To Rush or Not to Rush?

2. Overselling Yourself

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Bad College Essays: 10 Mistakes You Must Avoid. Want to build the best possible college application? We can help. PrepScholar Admissions is the world's best admissions consulting service. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies.

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25 College Application Essay Mistakes that Guarantee Failure. essays help admissions offcers to understand who you are. While grades, test scores, and academic performance can give the admissions offcers an estimate on how prepared you are to handle the academic rigors of college, the essay offers the only way they can judge .

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College application mistakes can hurt your admissions chances. Here are 10 college application mistakes students need to avoid. 3 College Application Essay Mistakes Admissions Officers See Every Year 5 Tips To Help Seniors Beat College Application Deadline Anxiety and Enjoy Winter Break. College admissions officers read thousands of college application essays. These tips and strategies can help you make a strong impression. College admissions officers read thousands of college application essays. These tips and strategies can help you make a strong impression. Grammatical problems, punctuation errors, and spelling mistakes.

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Tags: College Admissions Essays, College Essay Mistakes, College Essay Tips, College Essays, Writing College Essays. Leave a Comment. College Essay Mistakes April 7, College Essay Guidance, College Essay Help, College Essay Mistakes. Leave a Comment. Avoid Mistakes When Writing a College Admissions Essay. students need a plenty of time to carry out a powerful college application essay. An outline and schedule may help to catch up with the deadline. It is better to start working on your admissions essay ahead to avoid problems with procrastination and other time management mistakes.