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Wondering What To Pay An Editor In 2015? Use This Cheat Sheet

World-Class Editing and Proofreading at Your Fingertips

❶If your document is in a PDF format and you require the editor to mark the electronic file, there will be an additional charge, as the editing process takes much longer to complete with the PDF editing tools available.

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Editing services and rates for writers
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Editing services for publishers. I'm available as a freelance romance editor for substantive editing, line editing, and copy editing, and I can be hired for one-off projects or regular assignments. Please contact me for more information. Editing services and rates for writers. If you're active on Twitter, I'll feature your tweets in my weekly e-newspaper called the Romance Refined Reporter. Here on the Romance Refined website, I'll feature your publication news on the homepage and your book cover will be featured in the sidebar of the Romance Conferences page of the site, a page which gets nearly two thousand visitors each month.

I'll send you a page letter full of tips on marketing, boosting sales, and other aspects of your publishing journey. I work hard to stay abreast of industry trends and have a network in place so that I can either answer your questions or point you in the right direction for further exploration.

You'll also be invited to join Romance Refined Author Connection, a private Facebook group for my authors to socialize and support each other. For an idea of who you'll connect with there, see my Portfolio page. Editing rates and workflow Freelance editor rates vary wildly, which I know can be frustrating when shopping around. Why do I charge by the word instead of by the hour? If I were an author trying to budget and price compare, I would want to know up front exactly how much money to save up!

It also means that if a project takes a little longer than expected, I'm the one who takes the hit, not you. However, once I've dug into the work, if it becomes clear that there will end up being a dramatic discrepancy between expected and actual editorial involvement required, we may have to renegotiate before the project is complete. If the start date is less than 30 days out from the time of signing the contract, the deposit will be due ASAP. The remaining balance will be due within 2 weeks of you receiving the edited file.

Once a deposit has been paid, cancellations will incur a fee. I work only on electronic files, and edits will be carried out using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature. Even if you're familiar with Track Changes, I still ask that you review the Track Changes tutorial here on my website so you understand the workflow I like to use with my clients.

I also offer two-pass proofreading , in which both I and another editor proofread your project and I combine the results into one document this way, you get the benefit of two proofreaders without the hassle of having to merge the changes or schedule with two vendors.

Copyediting, incorrectly referred to by some as proofreading, is about understanding and implementing all the picky little rules and conventions that readers expect authors to follow. I offer two levels of copyediting, depending on whether an author simply wants to have objective issues like spelling and usage errors addressed or also wants help with more subjective issues of style. Copyediting covers all that proofreading covers and more, but it does not include a separate proofreading pass, nor does it include content editing.

A style sheet to help you and any future editors keep track of authorial and editorial decisions is available on request. This service includes everything covered by basic copyediting, plus additional attention to more subjective issues. Essentially, this service consists of basic copyediting plus intensive editing for style, including in-line edits and marginal comments.

Content editing and separate proofreading are not included in deluxe copyediting. Content editing does not include copyediting or line editing—if you want editing for both language and content, check out comprehensive editing and line editing below.

Depending on the project, I may also mark up your manuscript with marginal comments as needed. Content editing involves at least two complete passes through the manuscript and a reasonable amount of follow-up e-mail support so you can ask for clarification or additional information about my comments and evaluation. This is the service to request if you are about to go to press, upload your file to the Internet, or otherwise distribute it to your readers.

Our basic service includes proofing for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar. This is our most requested service. In addition, we will help you with the overall structure of your manuscript. Is your writing clear? Does it make sense? Is your word choice appropriate?

Are there any redundancies or inconsistencies in the plot or narration? Are your characters or situations believable? During the editing process, we will leave you comments and questions in the margin of the document that address these issues and more. If your text needs an extensive rewrite or a more aggressive edit, we can help you overhaul it.

Please note, this service is rarely needed. The line-by-line copyediting service is usually adequate at addressing most issues. Money orders are also welcome.

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Premier editing is for well-written texts that require minor to moderate corrections and editing. The fee for up to 2, words is $, which is our minimum fee. 2, – 3, words: $ flat rate.

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According to The Writer’s Market, the average for proofreading is $3 per page, for copy editing $4 per page, and for content editing you can expect to charge around $ per page. I have charged both hourly, and per-page, and don’t really have a preference.

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Editing services and rates for writers Perks of being a Romance Refined client You and your story will matter to me—not because you've paid me, but because we'll become partners and I'll want you and your book baby to succeed. -Standard Rate: $/word–$/word (approx. $/page–$) Copy editing: Includes proofreading and basic style formatting, as well as improvements to language, syntax, flow, diction, and clarity. This service is for well-written dissertations that require minimal adjustments.

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