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Napoleon , you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin plagiarism detection program , our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Our writing service will save you time and grade. He was the second of eight children of Carlo and Letizia Buonaperte, both of the Corsican-Italian gentry.

Before Napoleone, no Buonaparte had ever been a professional soldier. His father Carlo, was a lawyer who had fought for Corsican independence, but after the French occupied the island in , he served as a prosecutor and a judge and entered the French aristocracy as a count. Napoleone graduated in , at the age of 16, and joined the artillery as a second lieutenant. After the revolution began in France, he became a lieutenant colonel in the Corsican National Guard.

However, when Corsica declared independence in , Buonaperte, a Republican, and a French patriot, fled to France with his family. He was assigned, as captain, to an army besieging Toulon, a naval base that was aided by a British fleet, while in revolt against the republic. It was here that Napoleone Buonaperte officially changed his name to Napoleon Bonaparte, feeling that it looked "more French".

It was here too that Napoleon replaced a wounded artillery general, and seized ground where his guns could drive the British fleet from the harbor, and Toulon fell. As a result of his accomplishments, Bonapatre was promoted to brigadier general at the age of In , he saved the revolutionary government by dispersing an insurgent mob in Paris. Then in he married Josephine de Beauharnais, the mother of two children and the widow of an aristocrat guillotined in the Revolution.

Early in his life Napoleon was showing signs of militaristic geniuses and knowledge for formidable strategy. It was through the application of his skills, and a revolutionary style of spontaneous fighting styles than gave Napoleon the opportunities, which he jumped at, making his the great military leader he is known as today.

Latter in, Napoleon became commander of the French army in Italy. He defeated four Austrian generals in succession, each at impossible odds, and forced Austria and it's allies to make peace. The Treaty of Campo Formio provided that France keep most of its conquests. In northern Italy he founded the Cisalpine Republic, and straightened his position in France by sending millions of francs worth of treasure to the government.

In , to strike at British trade with the East, he led an expedition to Turkish-ruled Egypt, which he conquered. His fleet, however, was destroyed by the British admiral Horatio Nelson, leaving him stranded. Undaunted, he reformed the Egyptian government and law, abolishing serfdom and feudalism and guaranteeing basic rights. The French scholars he had brought with him began the scientific study of ancient Egyptian history.

In he failed to capture Syria, but won a smashing victory over the Turks at Abu Qir. France, meanwhile, faced a new threat, the coalition of Austria, Russia, and the lesser powers allied with Britain. Bonaparte, being no modest soul, decided to leave his army and return to save France.

In Paris, he joined a conspiracy against the government. In the coup d'etat of November 9th th , , he and his colleagues seized power and established a new regime-the Consulate.

Under its construction, Bonaparte, as his first consul, had almost dictatorial powers. The constitution was revised in to make Napoleon consul for life and in , it made him emperor.

Each of these changes received overwhelming assent of the electorate. In , he assured his power by crossing the Alps and defeating the Austrians at Marengo. He also concluded an agreement with the pope, which contributed to French domestic tranquillity and ended the quarrel with the Roman Catholic church that had arisen during the Revolution. In France, the administration was reorganized, the court system was simplified, and all schools were put under centralized control.

French law was standardized in the Code Napoleon, the civil code and six other codes. They all guaranteed the rights and liberties won in the Revolution, which included equality before the law and freedom of religion. Considering Napoleon, being the greatest general of his time, with the intentions of France in mind it is clear how the French people respected him, held him in high regard, and even praised him. With that same clarity that we can see how those "enemies of the state", and others not living in France feared Napoleon, and saw him as a power hungry mad man.

Opposing generals fueled by hate attempted on many occasion to stop the momentum that Bonaparte and his French empire was gaining. The view by others that he was a ruthless and sadistic leader, who created war for his personal gain was well expressed by Guillamme de Prosper-Barante, "He never wished to be justified.

He killed, he killed according to Corsican traditions, and if he sometimes regretted this mistake, he never understood this as a crime" I, pg. Another feeling of resentment towards Bonaparte was that he was unorganized, sloppy, and basically lucky. Finally, many people felt that Napoleon was only interested in his own image and power, and essentially used France and its resources as an outlet to achieve this. Napoleon himself would prove all this wrong.

By taking the position which France was in at the time, re-vamping the entire political system, and giving equality and freedom to all of France he quickly showed his loyalties. As for being unorganized, sloppy and very lucky, time after time, Napoleon would prove his military superiority in all aspects. Lastly, if Napoleon had used France to gain his personal goals he would not have taken the time to change the politics, to protect the rights of the citizens, or to make sure France was a good place to live, "France has more need for Napoleon, then he for France" II, pg.

In April Britain, provoked by Napoleon's aggressive behavior, resumed war with France on the seas. Two years after this Russia and Austria joined the British in a second coalition. Napoleon then abandoned plans to invade England and turned his armies against the Austro-Rusian forces, defeating them at the battle of Austerlitz on December 2nd, In he seized the kingdom of Naples and made his elder brother Joseph king, converted the Dutch Republic into the kingdom of Holland for his brother Louis, and established the Confederation of the Rhine of which he was the protector.

Prussia then allied itself with Russia and attacked the confederation. Early History and Popularity The first step to the invention of the electric car was made with the invention of the electric motor by a Hungarian scientist Anyos Jedlik in He also created a tiny car from this motor.

Thomas Davenport who was a Vermont blacksmith later invented the first American electric motor and used it in a model car in He operated his car on an electrified track which was circular. Other scientists who improved the electric motor and used it in cars where Professor Sibrandus Stratingh and Robert Davidson who created a car which could attain a speed of 4 miles per hour.

Robert Anderson Britain and other American scientists later used electric cars in electric rails in the s. The use of rechargeable batteries started in by Gaston Plante, a French physicist Exum The invention by Plante led to improvements in the battery technology in Europe. The two-wheel cycle led by Franz Kravolg Australia in led to the widespread use and development of electric cars with Great Britain and France as the pioneers.

The three-wheel automobile came into existence after thanks to a French inventor, Gustave Trouve. A German engineer Andreas Flocken built the first four-wheeled electric car. These cars became immensely popular in the s, and their use in short distances spread all over America and Europe.

There was also a widespread use of electric trains in countries which had enough resources. Different cars could reach different speeds, which led to differences in price. Camile Jenatzy improved electric engines to reach a speed above 62 mph. Other engineers such as Jamais Contente made engines which could reach the speed of These cars were relatively expensive and popular among the rich.

Their batteries ran to a maximum of less than 12 hours. The manufacturing companies offered maintenance of the batteries. Gasoline Domination and Recent Revival Interests The gasoline-engine domination started in the s due to the discovery of gasoline in Texas, Oklahoma and California. The improvement of infrastructure between different cities also demanded improvement of automobiles to cover long distances. For writing History essays such as US history essays, American history essays, European history essays and world history essays, the first thing that is obligatory is the knowledge of the historical topic on which on which you have opted to write.

For gaining that knowledge, you can read the history books, journals and articles depicting any historical event or incident. In a history essay, you have to concentrate on only one topic and have to write paragraphs dealing with that topic only. Remember that you should not include irrelevant information in history essays, as it will spoil your history essays.

The paragraphs that you write in your history essays should be connected to each other and should be continuous until the argument is over or until the historical essay topics on which you are writing are justified. In a history essay, you have to deal with a number of paragraphs and each of these paragraphs deals with a particular idea or thought. No paragraph should discuss more than one idea or thought or it will look like a rambling paragraph that will have nothing particular and precise.

History essays should be written with a clear idea in mind. First of all, an outline should be made that can help you arrange your ideas in a particular format.

Before writing the final copy of your history essay , always write a draft.

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