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Glass Paperweight 1984 Quotes

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❶As a result, memories become fuzzy and unreliable, and citizens become perfectly willing to believe whatever the Party tells them.

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Book Two: Chapters IV–VI
Glass Paperweight in
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George Orwell's novel '' is full of symbolism. In this lesson, we'll examine the significance of one of those symbols, the glass paperweight, and learn what it means to the main character.

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The quotes below all refer to the symbol of The Glass Paperweight. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is .

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To me, the paperweight is sort of symbolic of Winston's hopes and dreams and of his time together with Julia. Winston buys the paperweight early in the time that he is having the affair with Julia. For example, the use of the glass paperweight in George Orwell’s represents the many aspects of Winston’s rebellion and secret life of the Party, which will be further explained throughout this essay.

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The glass paperweight is an important symbol in George Orwell's These quiz questions will ask you to describe the paperweight and assess its significance to the novel. The glass paperweight defines Winston Smiths undivided fate throughout the novel , by George Orwell. This symbol of the glass paperweight is crucial to Winston's development as a character.